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My Story's not like the rest

I was bullied by my peers yes. I was left out of everything, nobody would be caught dead next to me, and any word spoken to me would ones of ill will. When I was in 4th Grade, our 'Peer Support' group, a little group where we could go for guidance, played a game of Simon Says which featured the main command of 'beat up Harry.' Everyone, including all the friends I thought I had, followed without any remorse. But I experienced my worst situation from someone you're supposed to go to for help... my teacher.

I always felt my best in the classroom. No one could be horrible to me, I could have fun learning, and I could participate in things without being looked at in funny ways. But i faced a real shock. It started in one math class. We were doing fractions, and my teacher than put an example on the board. I noticed something with it and put my hand up. In some way or another, I told her that the example was wrong. She fixed me with a stare of pure loathing, and calmly told me to wait outside of the classroom. I did what I was told, and when the other kids went out for recess, she took me aside privately. She then proceeded to tell me to shut up whilst she was teaching, and to never again make her look stupid in front of the class.

From then on it just got worst. Any hand I raised was ignored, I was constantly yelled at for being rude and annoying, and any corrections I made were met with lunch time detention. I was even given detention for reading silently after completing any given work. Adding to the fact that I was constantly being bullied viciously by my peers, and I was in a pretty bad place. I even seriously considered suicide. 

But i told myself that I would soon, be in high school, away from all I had experienced in Primary, and it was going to be better there,

And it was! I made lots of new friends, where people had no pre-concieved opinion of me, and I was welcomed by all. I was amazed at the kindness of the teachers, and the world just got a little brighter, day by day. By the end of the year, I had thrived in this new welcoming environment, and had yearned the Academic Award for my grade.

My advice: Don't take your own life, because you never know just what will happen. You never know, maybe that amazing person will come into your life, and make it better

I hope sharing my story helps you to confront your own.

Harry Mäe

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