My story from 3rd Grade trhough Senior Year

My Name is Samuel and this is my story,

From the beginning of 3rd grade, I have been picked on pushed around and called names all because I am the still considered the new kid, even after 10 years, and it just get worse, and never lets up. I have tried standing up for my self, but I am the one that gets punished because none of the school officials tend to want to do anything, and never have. We had a local business want to start a group to stop the bullying in the school in our town, but when they brought it to the school board, they told her that there was no bullying in our school and never has been and they did not want to start it, so, I just think that in order to stop it, we need to show them what really happens during the days at school where there is not always somebody there to stop it, that is why when I graduate in a little under two months the kids younger then me that I stand up for will have nobody to turn to, and will get picked on worse because I am a senior and l know what it is like, and still put up with it, and I have even been told by one of the people that bullies me, that he can see me bringing a gun to school and opening fire, and I know for a fact that I would never do that because, I have never once have held a gun in my life and have never shot a gun, so as for why he says that I do not know.


Thank You,


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