my story daisy bambury

so, yeah hey! i am daisy and today i am gonna share my story  

so my first school was fine but i moved to england in a village called "Wing" it was perfect there but i was name called but i didn't care i had my friends so i was never really sad but my parents split up when i was in year 5 so we moved to wales i hate it here thats when the bullying started they called me "goth" "worthless" and said "go and die" and "its good i cut" :( then i cried every night but it became serious i started self harm but it wasn't cutting into my skin... untill one night... i found sharp glass then i said "i bleed just to know i am alive" but 3 weeks later my bff CJ killed himself i couldnt go to school for 1 week cuz i got facebook comments saying "stay strong" and then i felt like i was okay :/ but when i got to school i got hit and beat up i couldnt stand i knew i wasnt gonna make it to my 11 birthday so i nearly jumped off the viaduct *in maesycwmmer* but i was court bye a 14 year old boy he said "STOP!" and i turned around he was wearing a black hoodie he told me to go home so i did but i wish i just jumped and on monday i got called "fat" and i came home covered in bruses and when my mother saw me she cried it was only the first 10 years of my life and i wanted to die :'( so i listened to beautiful bye christina aguilera and it made me stop and 1 week after that my mother got me to email a person who will help me and i was told i had anxiety but i had someone to talk to well they are famous so yeah but i am not saying *only to make u wanna know :D* but there was always something holding me back from jumping and i was wrong i am gonna make it to my 11 birthday no matter what u say <3 and to all u guys who are getting bulled "Stay Strong" <3 find me on facebook as Daisy Bambury and like a page on  facebook called Stay Strong so yeah that was my story bye love u all <3

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