My Story

hi my name is Natalie Clark,year 9 at Darling Range Sports College, I live in Perth, WA and this is my story.


everyday of my life i have been bullied by everyone at school including my friends and teachers, i get pushed around and teased a lot. they call me names like 'school slut', 'slurry', 'pussy', 'bitch', 'pathetic' and 'useless'. in most occasions i get told to go hang myself and to go jump off a cliff, i cant even talk to my mum or dad about it because they just ignore more or don't believe me, i have reported it to the school plenty of times and they ignore it or tell me to ignore them. i have tried ignoring them but it doesn't work if they are in my ear every second for almost 40 hours a week. i have thought of suicide twice since i started high school and i have never ever done cutting. at school i probably have 10 friends max that care for me and don't call me unpleasant names. when i get home i go straight to my room and lock myself in there for the rest of the day. really the only things i do is sleep, eat (sometimes), school, read then sleep again. i don't have much of a social life, when i try to it goes bad so i just decide to be quiet and alone.

i would really like a solution to my life, it would be the best thing that i could ever imagine. ive always wondered what it is like to live a normal, popular, beautiful teenage life.

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