My Story and My Achievements After 4 Years of Being Bullied

Hi i'm from the Philippines in Tarlac Province i'am a 4th Year High School Student and also a Anti-Bullying Advocate in our school and i would share my Story. Since when i Graduated the Elementary level and take the Secondary level (High School), during my First to Fourth Year days in our school i faced some challenges especially bullying. I was made fun of because of my Nickname and my Actions that i will do during Class Hours and even some of my Teachers bullied me also but i can't fight back because i will be given a Offense, and i do not understand why "People Can't Stop Bullying Others Instead of Making Friends to Each other?".

And during my 3rd Year in my High School Level the Bullying Situation became worse and also many students including me became a victim, when during vacant time i'm always alone, my classmates always criticize me i had only a few friends and when i get bored i'll stay at the Library and read the lessons discussed by our teacher. And when i read my lessons i always remember those persons who always bully me and also some persons who is always there to defend my rights and after the vacant time and when i heard some rumors or nonsense things spreading about me then i'll just ignore them than fighting back on those students, and on the next day i have a plan to Stand up and Speak up to Stop Bullying.

When i was now at the 4th Year Level and this is my Last Year in my High School Days i became already a Anti-Bullying Advocate at the age of 15, my close friends, students and also the Student Council and the Scouting Movement joined my Advocacy against bullying and also i created a Organization called the Anti-Bullying Movement. And i made a Ordinance that will be a guide for the Guidance Personnel and Teachers on how to Report a Erring Student especially on the said case i also conducted seminars, surveys on some students and some schools in our City.

When the ordinance was now officially implemented in our school many changes revealed, the bullies were already given a 5 days suspension and the victims were given some Protection order and also those persons who always bully me were given a offense and some bullies are afraid now to target their victims instead they make friends to each other. And sometimes i gave also some advises to my classmates and friends on how to help, stop or prevent bullying. 

I'm so happy that even though many bullies or critics surrounding me, still many persons who always thank me for helping them to change for the better and in the end they and i became successful and have a full of blessings. 

Drexzel Ace C. De Jesus
Head Administrator, Anti-Bullying Movement
Ecumenical Christian College - High School Department
Tarlac City, Philippines

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