my story about my life when i was little

my story about me when i was bullied in school

i was bullied in school started in third grade up till i was in the 9th grade. i got picked on a lot on school. so i know what it is like to get bullied. i had some friends but not a lot. i basically kept to myself in school. and it did not help that my own brother picked on me to in school. kids picked on me i was different from them and i knew it. i have a speech problem and sometimes you really can't understand me when i get to excited. i always had to repeat what i said because everyone did not understand me what i said. and i had problems saying some words. yes i may be different that didn't matter to me because i knew god made me the way i am and he had a reason, a plan and a purpose for me in life. i would come home every day crying because i got picked on, all my mom could do is talk to the teachers and principle but that never helped at all. all it did was made it worse. i even told the teachers and that didn't work so i kept quiet and some of my friends i had always took up for me. i got picked on in middle school and in high school. high school was the worse for me so when i got into the 9th grade i dropped out of school because i could not handle it any more. the thing is i have seizures too. and everytime i would have a seizure in school everyone was nice to me for a day and then they would turn around and be picking on me again. so i dropped out of school. yes i miss my prom and graduation and i regret that i did dropped out of school. i wish i never did.

i don't recommend any one to drop out of school. stick up for yourself and others. be their friend. there is more to my story i will have to post more of my story later. i look at life this way we all are beautiful in our own way in life. we all have a voice and we should all speak up against bulling. i wish they had done this when i was in school.


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