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I was a sophomore in high school when this happened to me. I was a popular kid-- I had a ton of friends...and then it all changed. One girl set her sights on ruining my high school experience. It all started one random day and continued for months. I was being pushed into lockers, having water spilt on me, being told i was bulimic at lunch and receiving threats left and right. MY "friends" were no longer there for me since older "more popular" girls were the ones bullying me. This built for about 4 months when i was punched in the face at school. This was the last straw. I couldn't be a victim any longer. I finally worked up the courage to let the friends who left me at this horrible time go, not be scared of walking down the halls and lastly needing to be an advocate for others. I tell my story and how horribly impacted i was by this bullying every chance i get. I also tell of how great it was to overcome the impact that i let those girls make on me. I am going to school to be a high school english teacher and one of my main hopes is to make a difference stopping bullying in the classroom and hallways and schools.

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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-04-11 18:47:19 -0400
    Rosalie, Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Though it takes a tremendous amount of courage, it certainly seems like you have some gained some closure as you have grown older and really used your experiences with bullying as a positive force in your life, which is so wonderful to read. Have you thought about sharing your story with others who have also shared their story? I think you could have a tremendous impact on some of the kids and teens who are posting here. Give it some thought and keep with that amazing outlook on life, it’s really encouraging!

    All my best,

    The Bully Project Team