My story

I was bullied in Elementary school. It started in 4th grade. My hair got cut really short. They would tease me because my hair was shorter then the rest of the girls in my class, school for that matter. I was constantly being called a boy, now i remind you i was like 8 so it bothered me alot. i lost alot of friends because of it. i had 1 real friend. he still is my friend today. Anyways it got worse my 5th grade year when they would say that i was gay. i had a boy take the book i was reading and ran around the room with it and wouldn't give it back and when the teacher came back into the room i got in trouble for being up. I tried telling her that i was just getting my book back but i still got into trouble. Then in 6th grade i had this girl who treated me like i was nothing. we had to go to the counselor many times but it never helped. I brought my diary to school. i kept it in my binder. well that was a big mistake because i left that binder at one of my "friends" desk and he got my diary out  and gave it to this other girl and they read everything that was in it. They told everybody everything. It was embarrassing considering i was 11. I would go home and cry everyday for those 3 years because it was an everyday thing. When i got into 7th grade it died down alot. I learned to just ignore them over the years and i realized that one day ill be out of this place. Nothing they said really mattered. Forgiving them was the hardest thing because they made me feel worthless, but i did it. Im no longer bullied. So i guess as the saying goes it does get better but it just takes some time. Now when ever i see someone being picked i take up for them because i dont want them to go through that. it was awful.

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  • Marianne Manilov
    commented 2013-03-25 14:52:49 -0400
    Thank you Indy. You have become a powerful force for change and love. It is still really hard on a lot of people and I hope you will consider volunteering or helping by commenting on others on this site and Facebook who are being bullied. You are part of the solution. Thank you for sharing your story and who you have become. —Marianne, for the Bully Project team