My story

I have dealt with bullying for a long time. At first my life was great. I had friends that I loved and they loved me back. And then one day my Dad decided that he wanted to go gamble everything away and we were forced to move from my happy childhood home into Galt, a not so happy hometown. Ever since we had moved I lost touch with all of my old friends. Even worse, I was stuck in a new town and around new people. I had zero friends and the ones that I tried to make would only make fun of me.

At the new school that I attended (third grade) things were worse. I was made of fun all the time, in and out of the classroom, all the way till I would get home. the teachers would sit there and pretend to be reading, as if I didn't notice their "constant" glances at what was happening in the class.

I remember to this day, that I beg and cry to stay home both the night before school, and the morning after.

The worst part is I told the teachers at the school but they wouldn't do a thing. Twenty-six years later, I found out that they didn't even bother to tell my mother. No attempt what-so-ever. How did I find this out?

Well, it took me that long to open up about it to someone. See, I always wanted to be the cool guy. The one with a lot of friends and a pretty girl around him. I didn't want to be the kid who was weird or alone. I knew I couldn't have this fantasy life so I lied to everyone about having just that. No one asked questions so I kept with it. For fifteen plus years no one asked why no one would ever come to my house. Can't believe that...what...the...hell...???

I am not certain, but sine I was the only one at a table alone during lunch or recess, and I never had someone to just talk too, I am reserved today. I don't talk unless spoken to, and when I do it comes out with a nervous tone. I strongly believe that bullying is the reason for my "quite" personality. I also believe that it is the cause of depression, nervousness, loneliness, and my "shyness".

So let this be a lesson to every bully out there. Bullying not only effects the present, but it strongly effects the future of that poor soul as well.


Also, to note, I had one friend in High School that I could trust. We were more friends after school, as I've never her in the school. But I was such an insecure asshole that things didn't really happen the way that I wanted it too. So I was stuck hiding in my "corner".

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