my school life was a long long nightmare..until i found a miracle

well my nightmare begin when i was in the 6 grade... i live in Indonesia which almost all the citizens are asian with their fair and smooth skin. i'm a little bit different because i have a skin tone that looks like an caucasian that have a sun burn so there's a lot of dark spot all over my body. the doctor call it hyperpigmentation.. but thankfully it's not dangerous at all, it doesn't hurt physically but it's really hurt mentally. i always thinking that i will never have a friend that accept me just the way i am.

in the 5 and 6 grade my friends called me spotted pig ( i'm fat too),dalmatian, polkadot,ugly,disgusting,virus etc. i can't remember it all it's just to many to tell. i fell so bad..i fell like i'm the ugliest girl on earth. i cry every single night.i pray and ask God. why me?why i'm not born with a perfect skin,beautiful face and slim body that every girl dream of.what did i do wrong?what did my parents do wrong i their life. cause my condition is not only hurting me but also my parents.i really really sad with it. 

in the 8 grade i only have 3 friends. the whole class treat me like i'm a virus that if they touch me or my stuff they'll die. they do want to seat next to me, talk to me, and even when someone hold my stuff they will be like "ewwww that's jill's don't touch it.ewww disgusting" and then they threw my stuff to the ground. and it happen every single day.what my 3 friends did? they just say to me "there's nothing wrong with u.just ignore them" . how can i ignore them of it happen every day? and it's almost the same at highschool and even the teacher bullied me.

there's nothing that i can do so i just pray pray and pray. and the miracle happened..i started to make new friends..they never bullied me, even they eat with me at the canteen. even sometimes they talk to other friend that bullied me not to do that anymore. but it wasn't change the situation.but now i realize at least i have few friends that accept me just the way i am and i don't have any friends that bully others.


1. God give me few best friend instead of many bad friends.

2. i will never bully anybody and be a good friend cause i know it's hurt (maybe if you never be bullied you will bully others and be a bad friend)


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