My public school childhood


Hello, my name is Emma.  I remember being bullied at my public school back when I was very young and small.  I never got bullied physically, only verbally.  The teachers did not help me enough but my therapist did.  

I remember getting tripped purposely in line by one of my classmates on the way to lunch.  I remember crying hysterically when I fell and one boy in my class picked up my lunchbox for me.  He has always been nice to me, one of the few kids who was nice to me.  Back then I wasn't so great at socializing.  Not that I said anything that was uncool, I was just incredibly shy.  I think most of the kids bullied me verbally because I had a liking of bugs.  I still do.  I wasn't so great at standing up for myself back then, either, and I was known to cry easily.  I am still a sensitive person but not as much as I used to be.

I also got to the point where I was depressed and it was at such a young age.   Sometimes, during high-school, I worry that some of the kids at my school have a problem with me.  They do not but I still worry anyway.  I also worry that some of them think I'm a weirdo in a bad way.  I worry that I get judged behind my back.  I can relate to being judged.   My mom also had a bad choice of boyfriends.  I would unintentionally watch my mom and her boyfriend not get along.  They would argue but not physically fight.    

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