My Pain From Within

My family is not the riches, we lived paycheck week to week. I never had the finest things or the best. We moved so many time. I had been to six different schools and it was still hard.

I am a big girl and that is what did it. People would call me a whale or a cow. Because of that I suffer from Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.

I got tired of all that crap at school I would try anything not to go. One day i just stayed home and got in trouble by my parents. I wouldnt really say anything about what was happening knowing it wouldn't do any good.

I have three older brothers. My oldest is 29 but has a mind of a 6 year old. He got it worse then me.

But we still had Justin and Jake. They knew it was happening to us and would stand up for us.

When Jake dropped out of school that was hard. I had no one there to help me. With my parents permission i dropped out. I didn't regrete doing that because a year later I lost my father. That is when I decided to go back. I was 17 when i dropped out and 20 when i graduated.

My fathers wish was for me to finish and I did. No one messed with me. Being 20 would do that. But i know that Bullying was happening at my school. I stood up for them and because friends with them. I got to know people before judging. I still get crap for bing fat. but i dont care. I still stand up for the victims and i will always will.


Bullying needs to stop. Too many kids are dying because one or more kids think its cool to act like an ass. Words do hurt and schools and parents need to help out.

One problem at my school was they would not do anything to help. That needs to stop and they need to speak up.

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