My Own Bullying Journal

I know it is long but it speaks the truth so please read.

Journal- 3/27/13
There are so many people that don't care for people's life's or how they treat someone because they think that they might have a worse life than the person who is getting bullied but when you start getting bullied its hard to live with your life because it shows that no one cares for you or your life. Whenever someone is starting to be bullied they can ignore and hide it but after it happens more and more and more it gets worse and worse to hide and is even harder to talk about what is happening, when things like this happen people start thinking of suicidal thoughts and how to kill them selfs when it gets to hard. Studies show that when someone is bullied most of the time they might kill other people with them because they want other people to have pain as much as they had before they killed them selfs also because bullying is a serious matter and should not be joked with since most people think they are just joking around with you, even though you think they are trying to hurt you by using words like that around you. I see this happen in everyday live and I have actually had it happen to me also but I had family and friends that I knew I could go to so I could tell them that it was happening I also had journals and writings of things like this happening to me and even sometimes I feel like I hurt other people when I truly don't want to hurt them at all. Some of the time you should just keep quiet and not say anything or something worse could happen to the person that already had bullying problems or had been bullied before but got away from it because they also had someone to talk to. It was either tell someone the problem and get help with it or keep it inside but I have learned from personal experiences not to keep it inside or you could become worse than you already are sometimes when people become worse than they already are they either kill them selfs or become more depressed about them selfs that they don't know what to do because some people might feel that they don't exist or no one recognizes them for something they have done that is good for the environment or the school. Maybe they became friends with someone that never had a friend before when bullied people become friends with someone they just met or knew for along time but never told them anything. Luckily there are some good people out in the world that care for you even if they don't know you or your background, ethnicity, religion, etc. but none of that should matter to who your friends with or if they have the nicest house or the nicest car maybe even have a ton of money and go on nice vacations. When you are a friend with someone you should actually care for the person on the inside and not what you see on the outside you know the material things because one day all those material things will be gone and when they are what will happen to your friendship? Would you just kick them to the curb and find the next person who has all those material items because every person that you become friends with that has material things could just be gone in a second. You can like people for material things but you shouldn't choose your friends that way though. Friends should actually care for what you say and how your life is going things like that not when are you getting a new phone or new shoes just so I can have the old one because when ever that person gets what they want there gone out of your life forever and you ask yourself why did I ever become your friend in the first place? Not that does anything with bullying but it shows how many people actually care for you because they just want something that you have. So just think should I actually be friends with you guys? What if that person your friends with or that your dating is just friends with you because of what you have and where you go and live. When people like this start becoming my friends I just start to not care because I figure out that it wasn't me who they wanted it was the things that I have or that they wanted so when ever someone like that becomes your friend don't ignore them but go ask them straight forward and ask why are you my friend in the first place? When you never was my friend before because I want true friends not just some random person that wants to be my friend because of something that I have and might not ever give up unless it had to happen. There are so many people in life that just want you for what you have not for what you want them to care for you. There also so many people that are good at pushing people away that you truly care for and keep the ones that you don't care for close to you because you will soon learn that it is not good to push people away that you need in your life. Like for me I need to have my parents and stepparents also and so many of my friends because with out my friends I would crazy. I for sure need tianna because I care for her so much and truly love her not just because she is my girlfriend but she is also a good friend even if she wasn't mine. There is so much that I could talk about in this journal it's not even funny. Because there is a lot about bullying and life that needs to be told and when it is not told then what is going to happen? No one will care for there life's because of bullying and won't care for people in their life that they need there to fill in the of there life because it can be a hard situation to go through and you and I will have so many problems in life that you can never truly fix everything in life because no one is perfect and someone always has a flaw that they do not like, in my case it's anger issues and in others people's issues maybe its cuss words or something that they don't want to share because it is too embarrassing to say. I have had so many problems in my life and there is more to come because I am only 15 and there will be so much more. There is always problems and drama neither of them can you ever get away from, even bullying you can get away from it your self but it will never stop in the world until everyone is killed off the earth and no one is living then bullying will officially stop. There is so much stuff that you can start and join and be apart of it. Sure it will help the problem and get the word out that it is something no one should joke with, for most kids in this day and age it's more cyber bullying then physical face to face bullying. There are three groups in bullying which group one is the bully, group two is the one being bullied, group three is the standby group that just stand there and go along with it so they don't get hurt next but group four is what everyone should be which is because this group doesn't just stand there and watch it happen the person will go get an adult like a principle, teacher, someone with authority at where ever you are and will actually do something about it because even when you get someone to do something they never do anything about it because what they do is suspend them or ISS them but that does not stop them. We must have different punishments that will stop them from bullying forever not just come back to school and get suspended because it doesn't bother most people because their parents don't care what happens either with their kids when they act up in school. Bullying is a serious matter that does not need to be taken lightly in any matter because some of the time the person who is being bullied their life is endanger of ending because of one word someone could say before they got to school or something that happened at school because many people being bullied become depressed which makes it even harder to help them through it because of things like depression medicines and other things that happen with people that have depression. So I hope no one takes this as a joke because it is not a joking matter some people's lives are endanger because of being bullied or abused somewhere or somehow 

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