My nose...

When I was a little girl my mom used to do my hair in pigtails and when she was finished I would look at myself in the mirror and thought, "how cute am I".

In school away from home children made fun of my nose, lips and hair.

As if that wasn't enough there were two little boys that had it out for my best friend and I. They would come up to us and punch us in our chests (we were both 9 year old girls that were developing a little early in life and quickly). I told the teacher's aides, I  told my mom who asked me to speak to my male teacher about it. Who for some reason treated me like dirt and didn't believe me. I was already embarrassed having to tell a male teacher that I was being punched on my breasts area (sexually harassed really) and I will never forget how he basically reacted very coldly and didn't have much to say about it.

The teacher did speak with them but it was very basic with no punishment, a boys will be boys approach, I guess and I was embarrassed that I had said anything at all. The situation just escalated and since there was no punishment they continued to punch my friend and I.

My mother was 9 months pregnant at the time and came to my schoolyard. She saw them harassing us even at that time. She grabbed one of the boys  by the collar and told them they had better stop bullying us (specifying the punching in our chest/ breasts) or she was going to call the police on them and their parents.  The kids in the yard were impressed and in awe... In disbelief that a pregnant mom would come and defend her child. I know that probably doesn't sound like the right thing to do or best approach, but it stopped the bullying forever from them on us at least.

Not only did they not bully us but it seems they were both put in some sort of help and counseling. Which is what more than likely they needed anyway from the beginning. That's a little of my story....

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