My most loved ones!

I personally wasn't bullied (or to be more precise - nothing that could have been called real "bullying"), but most of my loved ones were. When I found out how many of them, I was taken aback and really angry. Let's start with members of my family. Well - my uncle was bullied because of his ears. So he undertook a surgery. My grandpa was bullied, too - because he was left-handed. He learnt to write with his right hand. My former schoolmate was laughed at because he was fat. He was the brightest schoolmate ever! He lost weight, but at first he lost it too fast and he ended up in the hospital. Now he's allright. My BOYFRIEND, MY LOVE was bullied in kindergarten (by a TEACHER - she encouraged kids to laugh at him, but he was also beaten by a boy who later became his good friend - and I can confirm that he's a good guy now) and also in primary school, but I don't know anything about it, I just asked him if it was severe and he nodded, He doesn't want to talk about it. And reason? Well, he was small, skinny and he had glasses. That was enough for the bullies. But he had a strong friend who helped him. I know the friend personally, too. He's a great hero.. He was abused by his mother (he even has a scar on his chin because she spilled a hot coffee on him - deliberately) so he made himself strong, he knows everything about fighting and martial arts, too. Then there was that little boy from my former school.. The WHOLE school. Everybody knew him, they considered him as "that silly crazy gay" I told the teacher about it, she made a stop to bullying and we became good friends. Later he told us all he really is gay. Believe it or not - my boyfriend was one of those who knew about the bullying but did nothing about it and sometimes even laughed at him, too... I yelled at him, very loudly. You'll probably never hear me yell at someone like that ever again.

And then I said: "ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!". I started fighting for those who are someone's relatives, friends and loves - for everyone, in short. I established a blog ( - it's in Czech, I'm from the Czech Republic), I post regularly on facebook and I want to organize a meeting for people who want to practice in communication with unknown people and in behaving in a collective. 

I want the ignorants who witness bullying and do nothing about it to be treated like the bullies, because in my eyes, they are the bullies, too. I want to teachers who know about bullying but do nothing about it to be SACKED. Teachers who don't care about what knowledge kids obtain at school (bullied children obtain the feeling they are good-for-nothing), cannot be called good teachers.

By writing some words below, you are showing your support and letting everyone know they're not alone.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.