My Little Sister

My parents got divorced last January. My little sister and older brother moved with my mom into my mom's boyfriends Apartment. Sadly my moms boyfriend was my sister's Best friend dad. A year after everything my sister now attends the high school near my mom's house. Her friend, mom's boyfriend's daughter, is a bit of an "outgoing" person. She does a lot of things that I don't find acceptable for someone of her age. (we are the same age she is a few months younger but she is in the grade below me, same grade as my sister, sophomores.)  Her friend had gotten unclothed in the back of this guy's truck. Being new at that school as of maybe a month ago, nobody knew my sister but they all knew that where there is my sister, there is her best friend. Since the day everyone keeps calling my sister a "slut", "whore", well you get my point. I know my sister isn't the best of people she she always takes the consequences on her actions, whatever they may be. I truly believe my sister didn't do what her friend did though she is getting all of the blame and it is hitting her hard. She has been at that school for maybe a month and there is only about a month of school but she can't take it. Everyone is being rude calling her names, people she doesn't even know. She has yet to talk to her friend about all of this but refuses to be associated with her at school. (they share a room at their home, no avoiding there) but yet it's not "blowing over" like i keep telling her it will. Help. I honestly can't do anything for her right now. We go to completely different schools and I rarely see her.


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