My life is ruined !

When I was in 5th grade I had this friends but they were guys cause were I used to live there was only guys in my street anyways this guys one day started to say chicken legs to me and I would get so mad an sad I mean I know I'm tall that's how they created me but telling "chicken legs " is not gonna work anything . Will I have a lot of problems like #1 I have been touched when I was like in 2-4 grade . #2 it happened again but this time it was my ex . #3 my mom barely told me that I have a different dad from my two lil sister and my medium brother I'm the oldest tho . #4 I move a lot my mom clean houses for 50$ only and she works for 2 days in a week . #5 sadness . #6 I feel like a nobody !): #7 I don't have  true friends ! I mean my problems I hate them I really do but someone told me that was the past dont look back just pay attention to the future you never whats gonna come . But I don't know if I should and actually I do have a best friend and that is my math teacher Mr. Miller , he said to let the horrible past to come in my mind and then everything will go away and I tried but I can't I have been in behavioral center for 6 six days and I still do the cutting in my wrist but I want to stop but I can't and I'm gonna try not to give up that's the problems DO NOT GIVE UP ! And that's exactly what I'm gonna do ! Will I'm getting help finally but I need more than that and I think with this website it is gonna help will bye !(: Ps. I'm 14 years old right now and my birthday is in April !(: Happy New Years !<3


    Maria G. Martinez 

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