My life

It all started when I was in elementary I was shorter then most of the kids. everywhere I went they kept making fun of me for being short and how i shouldn't be here cause this is where big kids go not baby's. it only got worse when I started going to middle school. When I was in 8th grade I found out I was bisexual I told all my really close friends that I knew for years through daycare and sports. When I told them they looked at me and told me to leave them alone and to never talk to them ever again. I went home crying for hours and hours. It wasn't  long till my school found out and it only got worse I would go to school and I would be told that I'm worthless that I shouldn't be alive. It killed me to see everyone I was friends with say that to me. That year I tried killing myself 5 times. My mom didn't know what to do so she brought me to see someone and talk about everything it worked for a little but not very long. Going into high school it got worse. I had my first girlfriend and quickly realized I was lesbian. That traveled around fast and soon enough the whole school knew about it and I would go though the halls and get called a faggot and I should just drop dead. I was called names over Facebook I was called an ugly ass faggot cunt. Freshmen year suicide attempts 12. Not only have I been made fun of for one thing but three my height my weight and for being a lesbian. Sometimes I can take what they say and pretend to not let it get to me but not all the time. I have some friends like Brittany and Allison and lexcee and Lauren and Jenna who help me through most of it. But I still think sometimes it would just be easier if I let them win but I don't I want it all to change. I'm 17 a junior at my high school and I want to make a difference. 

-Jenny Vallinaggi 

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