My Gridiron Story

You know just a little bit about one of the most wonderful moments of my life! Here is the complete story. It all started a couple months before, I did think of asking some of the guys on the football team to help me graduate! Its funny because I thought of both sides of the coin, which they flip at the beginning of the game to see who gets the football! I thought well if I ask them, there was a chance they wouldn't want to help me. It kind of was like the disabled girl asking the most popular guys in school to take her to the dance. Nobody would think that would ever happen. The other side of the coin was if i ask them and everyone would want to help me and I would have to choose! A dream for this disabled chick who fought so hard at the beginning of her life to make it. Seriously, how do you choose from a football team of Good Looking guys who you thought of as your heroes? So I let it go and resigned to myself it was never going to happen!


Two weeks before Graduation, The Vice Principle came up to me and said he needed to see me in his office! I was thinking, Oh great I am not going to graduate! He didn't need to sit me down because I was already sitting. He said so some of the guys on the football team want to help you get your diploma! I was like what? He gave me a choice did I want wood shop to build a ramp for me or the football players to carry me over for my diploma. Ok, I was not an idiot! I choose the football players! If all this didn't happen, I was going to walk with my walker across the stage to get it. I thought of walking across the field with my walker also! I really didn't want to make the ceremony 4 hours long!:) It turned out that 2 captains from the defense and 2 captains from the offense carried me over! It was like the whole team was carrying me and they were! My own Rudy Moment!


Another football player pushed me out on the field! I was told that they had to flip a coin because more than one player wanted the job! I am not going to lie, It made me feel wonderful that two men were fighting over me!:)


We had a Grad Night! I danced with two football players that night and I still remember the song!


In the End, I wish I knew how that day would change my life and the way I look at things! All those moments that football team gave me, I take with me on my journey in life! I pull from them when life is difficult for me to handle! I hear " Don't give up, we need you back in the game!" and "Keep calm and Wheelie on! please go to my facebook page to more!

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