My girl

She was normal for most of her school years. Till she got into high school. She use to love school, but she was different from those around her. She liked this new thing from Japan. Anime, it was what was fun for her and her friends they had their own lango as she would say. She was and is a talented artist, her fiends and she, they were the outside crowd of kids. All great , fun, nice kids. But they all shared one thing in common. They were bullied. Thankfully never physically, but as we have all come to learn words hurt whore then a broken arm or a bloody nose. Fat, ugly, Pig nose, weird, loser. I am sure there were worse ones that she would not tell her Grandparents and I about. But those were the ones I heard the most off then. The vice and the principal did nothing, and no did anyone else. The vice Principal said she night as well quit as her perfect grades started slipping as he said she would never graduate. She showed him and took the GED without study and got the highest score our small town had seen in years. We thought moving to a small town would save her from the hardships of California's schools, we moved her from the frying pan into the fire. Lucky she made it out without being hurt, but those words left scars that will never heal. And that little group of friends has all gone their own ways. Most hoping to forget and now my Daughter is mostly alone. She had her problems heck most kids do these days, but I wonder who she would have been had she not been scared so badly of her peers. Bullies are abusers of others, they may not be as big as their adult counter parts, but they harm none the less causing lasting damage. My Daughter still lives with us at 24. She does not make friends beyond her computer screen. She trusts no one outside our family. It is hard to watch your child struggle. I just hope one day her heart will heal enough to let someone in again.


But what enrages me to all get out is how the school system failed my Daughter. How so many school systems just no longer care, get them in push em through push em out. Teachers caught caring soon learn not to as higher ups jump their cases for doing so. We do not have schools we have housing for children and more then half of them are being bullied by more then one child. Being told " I will kill you." how does a child respond to that we they can barely handle the other huddles they are facing at this young age. They should not have to handle more then we do, but everyday many are sent off to schools that are no better then the places we send our military personal off to. Everyday our children fight in their own vitenam, Korea or Iraq. Not all children die, but some have hearts and souls so battered they feel that is their only hope.

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, brothers and sisters stand up and help fight for those who have no voice. To the Bullied I love you. To the bullies stop now, bring it into your heart to stop this violence of words and blows before it is to late for your children. They learn from you.

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