My First Friend Is My First Bully

This story tells the first time I ever got bullied:

Honestly, the third grade was the worst school year I've ever been in. At first, I thought it wouldn't be so bad. My friend was my classmate, Kiara. She was the first and only friend I had in Kindergarten. We didn't really talk during the first and second grade.

The only friend I made during that time was Jana. We weren't classmates in the third grade. I wasn't really good at making new friends either.

All I had to look forward to was Kiara. But what I thought was wrong. 

At first I thought she was just being mean. But then I knew one thing for sure: she's not my friend anymore, she's a bully.

Whenever we did any group work, she'd blame me if anything went wrong.

Once, our class was working on a dance to perform to the whole school. The teacher put Kiara and I has partners. Since the dance envolved sticks, Kiara would always hit my head with it when we rehearsed.

She and another girl ganged up on me and made fun of my shoes. Even though I bought new ones, they still managed to make fun of it. 

Every single time we made eye contact, Kiara rolled her eyes.

When I told the teacher I was being bullied, the teacher did absolutely nothing. The teacher was one of those bystander types.

I never did know why Kiara bullied me. I've been to her house before, she wasn't rich or poor but her family still had some money. She had a lot of friends and was 2nd Honor Roll, the 2nd person who had the highest grade average. (I definitely did not have the highest grade average.) 

If I never did move, she probably would still be bullying me in some form. I still can't shake off the feeling that my first friend turned out to be my first bully. I've begun to choose my friends carefully. I've also begun to read people and see which friendships I should make.

Before I was bullied I had low self-esteem, Kiara made it worst for me. But ever since I moved, I seem like a completely different person. I found out what my hidden talents were and performed them on stage. Ever since I moved, everyone kept on telling me what a beautiful singing voice I had. 

I knew for sure Kiara wasn't jealous of my voice. I just didn't know that I could sing good at that time and never did sing to anyone.

I never did tell anything about Kiara to anyone. I thought people would look at me as "trouble." But now I'm not ashamed of this experience. I am grateful for it. It helped me truly believe in Anti-Bullying. I hope to live to see the day where bullying barely exists. It seems so mythical, but one can only dream.

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