My Experience with bullying

I come from a small town in Mendon, Missouri and popularity is a dominant matter. I am 17 years old and I am a Junior. I haven't been able to do all the things that I would like to do because I missed entirely too much school. Many people thought I was just skipping school because I just didn't want to go. They did not know the real story. I was constantly being made fun of because of how poor my family was and that I was a no-life loser and that I should just go die in a hole. Now I have a christian background and I live for God but this does not make me any better than anyone else. 

Usually when people are bullied they get to the point to where they just want it to stop and they choose to commit suicide. There is no reason for me to lie, I have thought about committing suicide once or twice but I never attempted it. One of the main reasons I came to this point was when my ex-girlfriend broke up after 2 years. It was me that wanted out of the relationship but she did not. Then she said she was pregnant which was nothing but a hoax. shortly after she admitted that it was all a lie. She started telling people what a horrible person I was and she also said that I basically raped her. THIS IS NOT CORRECT!! However, when i finally get the courage to go back to school it seemed as if she had turned everyone against me. 

Now I am trying my very best to get through this and things are now starting to look up and I am starting to get my friends back. I may end up having to repeat my Junior year but if that is the case then I will face it with adversity and determination. Until then, I am going to trust in God.

My name is Nathan Ewing and this is my Bullying Experience,
God bless :)

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