My disability doesn't stop me

Hey y’all my name is jill and the bullying started at very young age about 8 years old and I was new student to go deaf school and all girls was nice at first and boys was nice then week a later they would called me retarded and fat and told me I’m very happy you should died stuff like that by at time when I was gotten older like I was 12 between 13 and I was cyber bullying and viticm and they would look at me and talk bad about me and at school where I would cut myself and they brought me to the hospital and they started to spread the rumors like "omfg jill kill herself and cutter and emo, at time they are bullying me because I’m different because I have disability and cerebral palsy and the bullying got worse by at time in 2010 and they weren’t do anything about it bad I would begs my parents to let me stay home and they were kept doing and I put my fakes smile and hold it inside and I would wait until I’m go home I would crying etc back in 2009, I’m refuse to go to and I’m tried to commit sucide when I was 13 year old because I wasn’t thinking clear and I have police officer 2and 2 paramedics said to me if I didn’t listen them I’m put into handcuff and pick me up on the stretcher and I like thinking in my own head I really don’t have choice so I realize at that time I was screaming for help and mental illness . My parents switched me to different school and I’m was so much happier than I was before and was in 2012 between at Time I was still depressed because I was going throughPTSD from past what I been through from cutting from the faces I’m remember that It wasn’t there .i was bullied about 7 years and right now, im health and I’m happy and I don’t care what people think. I don’t overreact like bad stuff but I do speak up for bullying for myself and for my friends and family.
I’m promise to you when you get older your life get easy and this not your fault and I’m there tell you that you are beautiful and loved there many people that cared about you. The problems that the society is ugly not you. I wish I could saved your life this moment and said you will be ok. Now, I'm 18 year old-:)

my adivce is you!

if somebody talk bad about you and just don't overreacted and don't talk about them and don't post thing about drAma sataus on Facebook or on insatagam. 

Just tell em thank you and have nice day and put smile and laughing that what I do.

if the bully message you on FB or Instagram or text message

dont reply to them and blocked them and ingnore.

if you are at school and if somebody make up rumor about you just don't make up big deal and avoid fake friends and cut off  of life.

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