My challenge with being gay and getting bullied.


Im haley. Im 16 years old. Im not just a girl who got passed bullying, i managed to open up and show everyone how strong I really am

I was in 8th grade when I started to get bullied. I was sick a lot that year and was in bed for the majority of that time. During the school year, i was sick for 2 weeks straight and didnt go to school because i felt so bad. I got a little bit chubby in the time period because I was in bed and things of that nature. When I stepped on the campus of my middle school that day, I had no idea how much my life would change.
Every single person in my class(for the exception of my friend Sara) spread rumors about me and accused me of being pregnant. That took a big tole on me because I am a virgin. On top of the pregnancy rumor, that's when my feelings toward girls started to show. I hide those feelings until this last school year because I didn't want more drama then I already had. 
Then comes my freshman year. This was probably the worst year of my life. The bullying and the torment and the cruelty got to such a bad position that 2 months into the school year, I had to go into homeschooling. That, I thought, was the only way to escape the hurt. Then freshman year went by and my "gayness" stayed inside. I still didn't want people to know because I already escaped the bullying once that year, I didnt wanna give the haters a reason to bully me anymore than they already have. But I didn't just get bullied in person, they also attacked me online. They told me I was a piece of crap and I was worthless and I should go kill myself and all the generic stuff you hear bully's say. It's just angered me and made me feel so bad that I wished I was just dead and wouldn't have to deal with all this stuff anymore.
Then, my sophomore year came. If I could describe this year in one word, it would be determined. I was determined to stand up to the people who bullied me starting when I was only 13. The bullies came at me in full force. They told me I smelled like crap and that I looked like a guy and that I should just go back to homeschooling because no one wanted me there. I tried ignoring them the best to my abilities but they came out strong. It got to the point where they couldn't take that I was ignoring them and they sprayed guys perfume on me and told me to "smell better and remember to take a shower". I said "ok" then I walked away and sat back down where I was before. After that, I had managed to gather enough strength over the years to stand up with the bully's and be more open with everyone. 
So this last November, I told everyone who would listen that I'm gay and I'm proud of it. I had no reason to hide my feelings. Some accepted it and others didn't. After I opened up and I was told to "smell better", I told the bullies to say stuff to my face if they had an issue with me instead of saying it to their friends.
So yea.. That's my story. If you have any questions or you need advice or just someone to talk to, message me:)


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