My Bullying Story

I'm not bullied anymore, but I used to be. I want to take the time to share my story with you. It all started in seventh grade. I was bullied by pretty much everyone. The girls I considered friends were just pretending to be my friends. They all left me to suffer by myself. They started making fun of me everyday for being alone and having no friends. They never stopped. Along with the girls, there were also all the guys that bullied me. Most of the bullying from the guys happened during passing period and my last class of the day. Math. I would get pushed in the hallways and mean things said to me. In fact, I was called every horrible name imaginable that year. In my math class, the guys would throw shoes, paper, pencils, erasers, and the tennis balls from under the desk at me everyday. The thing is, I never told anyone that they were doing these things. I was too afraid. My teacher never did anything to stop it, even though she saw what was happening multiple times. Math was like this every single day. One the Friday before the last week of school, the worst thing I could have imagined happened to me. I was just sitting at my desk doing my work quietly when all the guys behind me started laughing. They started saying "Turn around! Your hair is falling out". Sure enough when I turned around, I saw two inches of my hair all over my seat and all over the floor. I didn't know who did it. It ended up being my main bully, I don't want to say his name so I'll call him "P", had asked my teacher for a pair of scissors and then used those scissors to cut two inches off of the bottom of my hair. I didn't find out that information until Mr. T., the assistant principal, went into my class and demanded that they told him who cut my hair. He wouldn't let anyone leave until he was told who did it. Thankfully, my good friend Jacob told Mr. T. who it was when no one else would do it. After that, "P" was suspended for the last week of school. In my opinion, that really wasn't a punishment because he got off of school a week early, but I appreciated Mr. T's efforts immensely and I still do.

The next year, eighth grade to be exact, "P" didn't stop his tormenting. On the second day of school, my p.e. class was in the gym. "P" took out two full water-bottles and threw one at the back of my head, and threw the other one at my back. He was surrounded by a giant group of people who were all laughing at me. He then got more and more of his guy friends to start tormenting me. I couldn't get away during class because there was always at least one of them in each of my classes. During lunch one day he sat at the table in front of me. Chinese chicken and rice were being served that day. Him and his friends then decided to pick up their chicken and rice and throw it at me. I was so fed up with all the tormenting and bullying that I couldn't take it anymore. That was the first day where I actually willingly marched myself to the principles office and told him what what going on. There just happened to be a police officer on campus that day, so he talked to "P" about his actions along with the assistant principal. "P" never stopped bullying me. There's so much that he did, but I don't have the time to say it all. Anyway, it got to the point where they had to move "P" from my middle school to a different middle school. That was one of the happiest days of my life. After he was moved to a different school, most of his friends stated to leave me alone. There was just one in particular who wouldn't stop. We'll call him "J". "J" continued to torment me during the classes he had with me but I tried to not let it bother me. It just got to the point where "J" didn't hurt my feelings anymore. He was just annoying me more than anything. After eighth grade ended, I didn't have to worry about "J" or "P" because They were going to one high school and I was going to a different high school.

Ninth grade was the last year of my bullying. Thank God. Remember those girls I talked about earlier? Well they were the ones who bullied me in ninth grade. They caused all my new friends to stop being friends with me. They also caused strangers to not even give me a chance. They always stared and glared at me everyday and they would talk about me all the time. I didn't really care up until the point when the cyber-bullying incident happened. I was walking home from school one day when I started getting mean text messages from one of the girls. We'll call her "B". "B" started saying so many things like "Oh my god you dress like an old lady" "No guy would ever want to be with someone as ugly as you" "No one really likes you" "I hate you you're such a b**ch". Her texts were variations of those sentences. When I responded, I just kept telling her to grow up and leave me alone. She obviously didn't have the age maturity to do so. When I got home I told my mom and she contacted one of the school principles. They told "B" to stop, but she didn't. "B" decided to go on Facebook and post something about me. She kept calling me a b**ch and other things like that. I told the principles and they took care of it. To this day she hasn't completely stopped, but at least it isn't that bad.

I am now going into tenth grade as a changed girl.After my bullying started to decrease, I made it my goal to start helping out with bullying as much as I can. I now stand up for everyone who gets bullied because no one ever stood up for me. I want everyone to feel happy and safe in school. I may only have one friend at the moment, but she is my best friend and she is the only one who gave me a chance in ninth grade when I met her. Anyway, getting bullying to stop is one of my goals. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did. I am always here for anyone that needs help or advice. Thank you for reading my story.

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