My Bullying Experience

My earliest memories of bullying go back to Kindergarten, one boy who bullied me all through elementary School started with taking toys away form me at recess. One day in the 3rd grade I went to the paper cabinet and that boy was there. He asked if I needed a piece of paper, when I replied yes he punched me in the face. Things like this happened to me almost daily at school. I hated going and often had to run home from school so I wouldn't get beaten up. Even teachers seemed to pick at me. I never felt safe at school. My Parents changed my school district as I was entering Jr. High and it stopped. Unfortunately,  my father died a year later and I was unable to attend that school district anymore because of its location and pick up was a problem. So back to the old school district I went, I remember it was my first or second day back a boy who I had never met asked," are you Doug Craven"? I said "yes" and he punched me in the face. I guess it is hard to explain my experience in such a short story. The bullying I experienced has affected me and who I am today, I am 45 now and still think about those times and how hurt I was. I want to be a part of this project and help protect the children of bullying. I want to be a loud voice in helping end bullying.


Douglas Craven

San Diego, California

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