My Bruises and Scars

April 16, 2014

Hi I'm Melissa White and this is my story

Bullying has been something i went though when i was just in first grade, this has been a huge problem, where ever i went the bully followed me. I've switched schools and i was happy about it then 2 or 3 months later they were at my school again and again. So i kept it to myself about the random bruises on me this happened throughout 3rd - 5th grade, after awhile of taking hits i ended up making it though the year.....then when i had a happy image in my head about middle school, well it ended up that the first day of school i came home crying. After a year into 6th grade i ended up giving into the bullying and started to cut myself, then i stopped and started again this kept going until the end of school basally, now i'm in 7th grade that's where i happen to have most problems now. Most of my friends turned against me and the bullying got worst, people i hang out with is getting bullied and i'm getting blamed for them changing and everything...My friends listen to screamo music like me and they wear black now, that's why i'm getting blamed. So every time i'm getting hit with stuff i happen to break down crying in school. I'm 14 years old and i'm still till this day cutting, being anorexia and i have bipolar disorder, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.C.D. and ect. I have may problems that i might not ever out grow.

My advice to you: When your getting picked on by people you don't like and they know you don't like them tell someone before it's to late to turn back, don't cut it's bad and hurts others around you and your hurting yourself.   ~Melissa White

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