My Best Friend/Mortal Enemy

Back in my 5th grade, I had this girl, she became my best friend. We spend time together, eat together, and whenever we walk, we hold hands together. That's how close we are. It's like we're twins, from another family. We keep on sending letters to each other. But when we reached 6th grade. Everything has changed. We were not classmates anymore, but we're still best friends. Or at least we used to be. Before we entered 6th grade. We made a promise to each other, that what ever happens to us, we're still gonna be best friends, forever. I promised the same to her. 


When we reached 6th grade, I met this girl. She's awesome. And she's been there for me when my 5th grade best friend sabotage our promises to each other. I keep on waiting in our meeting spots everyday, because it's our promise. That we're gonna be still best friends. But one day, she didn't showed up, until she forgot that we were friends. 


That hurts. She really forgot. When I tried to clear things out. She always ignore me, like I don't exist. Now I'm on senior high school. We're friends when I was 11 years old. Now I am 16, and i'm in senior high school. We're still not okay.

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