My 12 yr old son

I pulled him out of public school when he got punched one more time. This time the week he returned from his appendix removal surgery. His teachers did NOTHING and so my son gave up - put his head down and got Fs. I removed him from 2 schools. The other school a kid pushed him so hard he fractured his ankle.  

The second school my son came home after the first week, (the week before being pushed so hard his ankle was fractured), saying "mom my new teacher started screaming at all of us saying our parents don't care about us and we should just give up because we are all stupid and going to be homeless anyway" ARE YOU KIDDING ME..... I had meetings with the principal which did nothing, then went to the to the head of LAUSD- they never responded to my emails.I pulled him out and back to the school across the street until I could find other alternatives.  It got worse, i have a recorded message on my cell phone of my son screaming -  being chased and attached by bullies.  I yanked him out that day

Today he's in a public Charter school.  It took sometime for him to rebuild his confidence and get out of the habit of putting his head down. NOW he is getting straight As. He attendees 2 days a week and homework daily.

My son is different -He has been in the hospital most of his life from what is called an IGg Subclass 1 deficiency - (fancy way of saying he has a punky immune system) over 100+ ear and sinus infections, Viral Meningitis 2x on and on and on.  He's also Very tall for his age 5, 10 and 175 lbs.  Bullies hone in on his sensitive side and totally brutalize him.    

I will do what ever it takes to protect my son and I am here to help any other kids that have been bullied.  You can email me anytime

[email protected]  I know how it feels i too am a victim of abuse.  My son knows where I came from and talks to me about everything.  


Parents- speak up - HELP STOP BULLYING....  You make all the difference in the world.  Listen to your child when they come home upset.  It makes all the difference in the world.  


My son needs all the help, support, love and anything to help him.  He's home now with a head concussion and fractured wrist from a bicycle accident on Sat night.  That same day other bullies from the neighborhood were chasing he and his friends, throwing rocks at them.  He's very depressed and alone.  


Thank you for reading my son's story!


Alana and Shae Downey

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