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    do you see me lee?

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    Thank you Amber for sharing your story and for sharing about how this has been hard for you. We want you to feel safe at school and knowing this is happening for you means it is happening for others. I’m hoping you might reach out to a teacher, parent or someone else at school and let them know what’s going on. Contact us for support too. You are just one who is willing to speak up and you are brave for doing it. Now we need to get you and others safe by starting a conversation and making sure programs are put into place that stop the kind of behavior you talk about in your story. —Marianne, for the Bully Project

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    Thank you for sharing your story, Brittany. It does make sense. I am sorry that there hasn’t been a safe space for you at your school where you feel seen and heard and that you feel anxious. I’m wondering if you have talked to anyone at your school who you trust (an adult, a parent, a teacher) about what’s going on for you. If you want support, please reach out. And thank you for being you. —Marianne, for the Bully Project

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    Yes, it only takes one! I am thankful that you decided to be you and thank you for sharing your story and standing for love. —Marianne for The Bully Project

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    Thank you Lauren for sharing your story about your brother, Andrew. I am so sorry for your loss. Although nothing can replace your brother, I am thankful for you being willing to volunteer and to take this pain and use it to help others. We will be having volunteer calls soon and I’m wondering if you use both Facebook and twitter and if you are still in school and if so in what grade. Please write to me and let me know.—Marianne for the Bully Project

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    Erin, thank you for sharing your story and how you feel about being bullied. I’m wondering what grade you are in now and if there have been any discussions at your school about bullying? We can help you approach your school if there has not been. —Marianne for the Bully project.

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    Thank you Karen for your story. I think you found your words through love and I am thankful for your strength as a parent. I’m wondering if you have reached out to your school to see if they would undertake showing the film or having a discussion? Let us know if we can be of support. We can also help contact the school. —Marianne for the Bully Project

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    Thank you Michael. This is really moving and important. I hope you will also share your story of how you have become a leader for justice and your plans for the future. I admire you and knowing this story, honor you even more for all you are doing in the world. Thank you for hosting a screening and for staying so many hours to share and help the students at ALC.

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    Thank you for your love Karen! I’m glad you are in college now and hope you will think about taking the Bully Film to a local school near you and talking with students about your experience and bringing them your hope! —Marianne for the Bully project

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    Sabrina, thank you for reaching out. I am sending you strength. If you were not here, if you took your own life, you would be missed. I hear your pain and I have walked some of this. I encourage you to call our team here for direct support. You are important, beautiful, brilliant and valued. Don’t give up.

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    Thank you Indy. You have become a powerful force for change and love. It is still really hard on a lot of people and I hope you will consider volunteering or helping by commenting on others on this site and Facebook who are being bullied. You are part of the solution. Thank you for sharing your story and who you have become. —Marianne, for the Bully Project team

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    Thanks for asking Ally! We appreciate your support. You can donate on the website here: —Marianne for the Bully project

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    Thank you for all you are doing! Marianne for the Bully Project.

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    Amy are you joining the call tomorrow about how to do a screening?

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    Let us know how it is going Stone! And watch email for phone calls about how to start a group in your school. Let me know if you need help. Marianne for the Bully Project.

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    Evian, have you looked through some the educators materials?

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  • published I want to start a group in Start Your Own Project 2013-03-12 14:58:53 -0400

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    Thank you everyone for commenting. It really means a lot to hear what others are feeling. – Marianne

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