Zachary Larson

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These words caused a change....something that would change our lives forever... "everything you do makes a difference no matter what you think, so be kind.

Suicide..."go kill yourself" "you could die today and no one would notice" Me, Lauren Bichell? I noticed.

So did his mom, dad, sister, brother, friends. and for the bullies? oh, they noticed, too.

Last time I talked to Zach he was extremely upset about a guy, and I tried best to give advice. I have always been told I give good advice. I obviously don't and neither does anyone else because Zach had already made up his mind.

October 7th, 2013

Facebook says "rest in peace, Zach" when I found it was my friend I was crushed, angry, lost. "why are people so freakin cruel?

I thought "but I had just talked to him'..i thought about going to the viewing but I hadn't seen Zach in person in a while and I didn't want to "visit" him that way.

Zach was just misunderstood by a world of immature, cruel humans.

I will never forget the friendship we had.

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