Middle school. Great bastards

Middle school almost destroyed me. I'm Rossana, I'm 15 and I'm italian.

I am in 11th grade now and I study in a High School of Art. 

I started middle school happily, I was excited and hopeful, I wanted to meet new guys, new girls and make new friends. First year of middle schools wasn't that bad. But then...

I started thinking differently by the mass, wearing t-shirts of bands, listening to rock music, I was not interested in shopping or hanging out or bullying other people. So the whole school turned against me. I was a little philosopher, I always loved to read and drawing and playing a musical instrument. But kids hated me for no reason. 

I was called lesbian, idiot, ugly girl, strange, creepy. I wasn't that bad. I was a normal girl but they made me think that I was an error, that I was wrong.

They destroyed my self-ensteem, my security. I hated me. I wanted to kill everybody and kill myself, in middle school. I suffered, I cried but I never hurted myself or someone.

I'm stronger now, I have more friends and I'm fighting to reach again my self-esteem.

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