Middle School

When I was in middle school I ran with a crowd of shallow girls where everything was a competition oneverything! like who can get the most attention from boys, who had the most friends, who was the prettiest...It was ugly and mean. We picked on people, we lied, we did things I regret even to this day. We felt invinciblebecause not even the teachers would try to stop us. In this group I was a complete follower and I hated myself. Luckily, I came to my senses when I saw just how much my actions were hurting the people around me and I realized how disgusting I had been acting. I stood up to my so called 'friends' and never spoke to them again. The best part was that in my eighth grade year, I finally found a group of friends who were real! and that I still respect to this day, years later.  The freedom I felt when I had those true friends....the relief! it was indescribable! I realized that I had been so afraid to fit in, of what other people thought of me that I had changed who I really was into something I hated just to be thought of as 'cool' accepted. The reality is that I had never been accepted by those 'it' people and why should I have wanted to? They had nothing to offer but sadness, hatred and regret. I was picked on just as badly as the people we had picked on by constantly having to prove myself to those superficial girls. 

I can say this with 100% surety that if I hadn't stood up to those girls and ended all contact with them I would have never been happy. I would have moved through my life trying to constantly please others who aren't even worth it. I would have lost who I really was and lived a selfish life and not realized that you can't always judge a person by there appearance.

If you are an outsider, that person out of the click looking in and wishing they could be with that it group, then I want you to just consider this...the grass is not always greener on the other side. You need to be the strongerperson and walk with your head held high. You need to realize that those people are fickle and have someserious issues of their own and its you who has the advantage over them because those people can't even realize how meaningless they really are. 

There is no excuse for bully. I hate the intent to hurt someone just to make yourself feel better, to put somebody else down so that you don't become the next victim, to allow it to happy so you can impress someone who isn't worth the time of day. Its all just one big cycle of pain. 

It needs to stop.

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