Mean girls!

Hi well i was bullied once by these 3 mean girls that were just jealous of me.i was only 7 or 8 i don't remember but it all started when i entered this summer camp that i loved to go to but then these three girls came in and turned my summer upside down.i was really shy and i only had one friend the coach for the guy goup in the summer camp.we were really good friends but these three girls were really jealous that i was friend with him.we were such good friends that we even had this face that we would make at each anyway i went to the bathroom and i see the girls in the bathroom touching up there makeup and i try to run away but they pull me in by my shirt and drag my thing you know my pants are wet because they put water on my pants so it looked like i peed my pants.i trying to dry it off with the hand dryer but i was in there for 10 minutes so it took me a long time so i got out!the whole summer they would call me pee pee pants...ppp for gets worse!im in the 7th grade and i saw them.i thought to myself...i felt like i seen them was the girls and it turned out they were in the 8th grade!!!they falled the grades so many times!ever since that summer i thought to my self...i would never make the mistake to bully a person!

Im so against bullying that im in this singing acting dancing group!and let me tell you dedicating my time acting just to show people that bullying is wrong means alot!


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