Mean Girl

We've all seen the movie Mean Girls, where the most popular girls bash everybody but themselves - students, teachers, and even each other (their so called "friends"). If you haven't seen the movie, I certainly recommend that you watch it.

As a soft-hearted girl, I have always been anti-bullying, so I don't know how I ended up being friends with a mean girl a few years ago, but it took me some time to disassociate myself from her. The more I got to see how badly she treated others (including her own friends), the less I wanted to be friends with her.

When she disliked a group of 10 girls for the way they chose to express their individuality in public, she insulted them and called them mean names.

When her roommates were not quiet enough, she yelled at them and threatened to punch their friend in the face.

When her friend who was a pushover was venting her frustrations about others to her, her response was that pushovers cannot be genuine friends and called her fake for being weak.

When one of her friends (Girl A) stole the boyfriend of her other friend (Girl B), Mean Girl's response to Girl B was to stop giving Girl A a hard time for stealing her man.

When she was frustrated at her internship, she told off her boss and was fired.

When others were mean and took advantage of my kindness, her responses were disrespectful as well.

Thankfully, I am no longer friends with this girl. My only hope is that she grows a heart and learns kindness because quite frankly IT'S NOT EVERYBODY BUT YOU.

That's my rant about mean spirited people.

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