I have an eye condition,not a huge one,like i dont have to wear glasses or anything,my vision is perfect! But because i cant turn my head fully staright forward and my eyes shake when i do,people thought it was funny to comment on that.They said it was weird and stupid and they didnt like it.I also have curly hair,and obviously becaus eits not straight and perfect,people wanted to make fun of that too.Ive been called ugly and worthless and fat,even though im no where near fat,more times than i can count.I get told im a disgrace and a mess to society.I hated this.I hated myself.So this made me feel as though i need to punish myself.So i cut myslef.Its not the way out,but i get get help.My bullying is no where near as bad as any of the kids in the film,but we all share something in common.Stay strong always.

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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-03-22 17:27:54 -0400
    Leah, thanks so much for sharing your story. My name is Ryan, I work for The Bully Project. Funny enough I got diagnosed with an eye condition this week too, to which my brothers made fun of me a little bit (out of fun I think). We don’t advocate self harm, but we know that enduring some of the torment can drive us to do hurtful things to ourselves. What I am happy to say though is that when I was younger, a teacher of mine helped me realize that beyond all of the trash talk and torment, things get better, because you can choose the life you want to lead rather than it being dictated by interactions with others you may not necessarily want in your life. Stay strong dear! We’re here whenever you need us!