lving through school

Every Day i would get on the bus with either a all girls school or the private all boys school and the kids that lived in my area!!!! Coz my stop was the last one before school i would never get a seat i would have stand.. no would move thier bag and i never bother ed asking coz i didnt wanna sit next to mean ppl..

every day i things thrown at me in class ppl called me fuzzy coz my curly hair.. when ever i went to the toilet during break al tghe snobby gilrs would be doing thier make up and say mean things and would throw water over the toilet door


One day when we had to do swimming class in hpe i couldnt swim due to having my peroid back in school i neve rlike tampons so when the giirls found out that i didnt use them once the class fiinish and i was standing near the gate to walk out one of the boys must have been told and pushed me into the pool... and year 10 camp i had them as well and the girls told the whole camp and then tried to capsize my boat...


i was never one skip class i would just ignore them coz at the end of the day once we left school woukd would they be!!!!! just young kids with the wolrd to deal with!!! they had issues of thier own!! prolbems and things thye were not happy with in thier livces so to make them feel better they picked on me!!! go on call me what ever u like becasue i odnt care what u think u are no body to me and i odnt need ppl like u in my life so good luck in ur life becasue i know mine will be better for the fact that u made me strong and made m relaise that ppl are mean!!!

every day it got easier

some days werent good but i relasied i had it better than the ppl with 20 fake freinds i had 2 freidns but never best friends!!!


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