Let your voice be heard; Loud and clear.

In all honesty, I used to think kids who did get bullied deserved it in some way. I don't know why, I just would shrug off the fact that I would see kids get verbally or physically abused everyday by kids that were known for being the biggest bullies in school and just not care. I really wish I can go back now and help those people that I would ignore before, because ever since getting bullied happened to me, it has literally changed my life and views on everything. 

When I walked into school one day, everything seemed normal. Completely 100% fine. It wasn't until I got to the gym waiting for the bell to ring when things started flashing by. When I entered the gym that morning, my friend walked quickly over to me, and began telling me that I needed to avoid a certain girl because she was saying she was going to kill me. When I looked up at the girl who had apparently threatened me, she was staring at me, with the craziest sly smile I have legit ever seen. I began to panic and kept asking my friend why, but she didn't know. She just told me that the girl said she was going to come to my house (She only lived about half a block away), knock on my door and when I opened it stab me. When I heard this my heart started pounding. I just kept asking myself about how serious she could be. Later that day, after the girl who threatened me would stare and yell "Scared bitches" When she walked past me in the hall, I went to the Assistant Principal at my high school. I told him everything that happened, and he promised he would inform my mother and talk to the girl. That night as soon as I got home from school, my mom called and asked me what had happened. I began to tell her and could only get up to the part where she threatened to kill me when my mom screamed "WHAT?!" through the phone. She proceeded to tell me that the assistant principal hadn't told her that she threatened to kill me, just that there was a "small problem and he would take care of it". My mom called him back and he said that she admitted to it and promised to stay away from me. Somewhat relieved, my mom told me if she did it again she would contact the authorities, but she didn't think she'd have to. 

About two months later, me and my best friend were in an argument. My best friend was talking to the girl that had previously threatened to kill me on Facebook. When my best friend mentioned me, she called me a bitch. My friend asked why she hated me, and she replied "Idk. I just have dreamed of ways to kill her and would love to see her gone." My friend never answered, and instead the next day he ran up to me and showed me the messages, and I knew that something terrible would happen. My friend and I went to the office and showed the messages to the principal, this time with actual proof of what she had said. He told me he would contact authorities, and he called my mom. I talked to my mom again that night when she called from work and she said she had already had called the police and wanted to press charges. When the police talked to her, she admitted EVERYTHING; she didn't deny ANYTHING that was said at all. She promised to stay away from me, but she still hasn't admitted to anyone why she wants to kill me. 

It was scary having to go through all of this. I am quiet, and having to talk to an intimidating principal and officer was so scary, but I'm glad I spoke up. Because I told someone, I saved myself from potential harm from that girl. Now that it has been four months, I can actually say that I am no longer a bystander. I have spoken up for many people who I see get bullied and have befriended every single one. Although my experience isn't as terrible or traumatizing as others, it still has taught me a valuable lesson; speak up. Don't just watch someone get harassed,   or let yourself be. Stand up, and speak, be heard. It's the best thing we can do, and together, we can be the voice for the voiceless.

By writing some words below, you are showing your support and letting everyone know they're not alone.

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