Kids are Mean

Bullying followed me through my entire elementary career. I was the poor girl that wore the same ugly clothes everyday (because my family couldn't afford new ones or the latest trends). I was 'manly' (because I was better then a lot of the boys at sports). I was ugly (because I didn't wear make-up). I was a "bad kid" (because of who my parents were). I was emo (because of how I handled my pain)... and so on. As I got older I realized kids are mean, largely in part to not knowing better.
Once high-school started things got better, for me, anyways. People generally left me alone. I've never been a very popular person, but I had my small group of close friends who are still there for me today. Some of those people who use to bully me are my friends now too. 
Bullying is a terrifying thing. I'm in my 20's now, and I lost a boyfriend who was 27, partly due to the way he was negatively treated by people. We always need to be aware of it, no matter what our age. It's not just kids who bully.
My words of advice: Things will get better, but it's not going to be easy. Life doesn't 'fix' itself, and it doesn't happen over night. It's scary, painful, hopeless, cruel and draining. We need to work at it and learn to use the resources we have available, such as this website. That includes The Bullied, Bullies, Educators, Parents, Peers.. EVERYONE! So reach out. 


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