Keep Our Children Safe From Bullies

I decided to join this because of my grandson who lives with me. He has been bullied since he was in first grade. Everyday he would go to school and be bullied by at least 5-8 kids. They would call him fag, cause he wasn't into sports, and they would threaten to beat him up during recess, or after school. Once he went to the wash room and he was attacked from behind, and was choked til he was on the ground. His grades were going down, to the point he had to be held back in third grade. He is 10 years old and now in the 4th grade. He was always getting pushed around. Always being called names. Getting shoved off his bike,where to once he fell on the cement in the school parking lot and broke his nose. I would go to the principle and make complaints, but it didn't really matter, if she was doing something about it, things would at least calmed down I would think. But instead they got worst, where I would call the police department. But the excuses I got from them was there wasn't anything they could do to kids under the age of 12. Well one day when he went out to recess, he was assaulted by 3 boys, doing what they call t-bagging him. When I was called to the school, and then be told this happening while a couple of teachers were on the playground, who were suppose to be supervising, I was to my limit on this whole bullying thing. I at that point told my grandson to go to his classroom and empty out his desk, cause he wasn't going back there. I requested that they help me transfer him to a school of my choice, immediately. The boys were suspended for 3 days. Big deal. If they are old enough to do such horrible things, then they are old enough to be punished by the law. They should of been expelled from school. 

We need to get more punishment for this behavior. Under 12 or not.

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