Just Tell

I was a victim of bullying. When it first started I didn't know it was bullying at first. I always thought that what we would say to eachother was meaningless. Then I was having a pretty okay day at school until my friend said did you see what K and S were saying about you on Facebook last night and I said no. She took out her phone and showed me the post my heart sank. In the post it said that Hitler commited suicide because of he couldn't fix my face and that I should have been gassed. I was truthfull scared to go to school that week and I didn't tell anyone till one day I just broke and told my older sister. She told me to tell the Officer at my school. But I didn't for a couple of days because I didn't want to be called a snitch or anything like that. My friends kept telling me to go and show him so one day I finally did. I was sitting in class when I got called down to the Officer and he told me he had a talking with them and he would let the Vice Principal know. Honestly I was astonished that K only got a talking. One day I decided it was time to tell my mom. She was pretty mad that I hadn't told her earlier and she then decided to call the school. I got called down to the office and the Vice Principal said he had not heard anything about this whole situation. But after the long week of all the questions and leaving class K had been expelled. A few people then began to call me a snitch and joked about it, it made me sick. Nobody really understood what it felt like to be in the position of reading that post over and over again and having it be about themselves. To this day I get scared whenever I see K and I'm scared that people hear about what happened and look at me differently. But I just want to let everyone know that once you finally tell an adult a feeling of relief slightly brushes over you. If people don't like your decision of telling an adult in the school that's there opinoin and it shows that they are'nt the best people to hang out with. I just hope that one day my fear of K will go away. Thank you for reading my story and I hope it shows you that you really not alone.

                                          Stay Strong.

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