Just find someone.

I'm Natalie, age? Doesn't matter.

Where I've been living, you are expected to be pretty, tan, prepy, etc. I believed you should be who you want to be, not how others want you to be. For that I was an outcast. I was proud of it too, well only for a little bit.

When I was in Junior High, I had multiple people every day call me weird, ugly, emo, goth, and etc. Was I like that? No, I was myself. But I got to that point where it started to depressed over it because I started to believe that's what I was. I had a girl tell me, on a social website in front of everyone to see, that I was a slut, I need to stop wearing make up because I was still ugly, and she was going to slit my throat, and feed my insides to my mother. I wasn't going to put up with that,that was ridiculous, not even on the standards of okay. I showed my parents, and we pressed charges on her, and what not. 

After that I was bullied more, I had so many people harassing me, for leaving the school then going back. People thought it would be funny to break into my locker and write over my gym clothes. Saying hateful things. Sadly I didn't know exactly who it was, or their actual reason for doing it.  I was done with it, completely done. With anyone, they should speak up, take action, find someone to help you.

People who bullies another person, is insecure about themselves, and no one should deal with that.. 

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