Just cant do it anymore

Hi im alyssa and this is my story.

Its just funny isnt it...?! that people who are always supposed to be there for you...just kill you from the inside. My dad has abused me for four years now, im 13 by the way, i go to my dads house every second weekend, if i feel like it. He doesnt like me for me, im just not good enough for him or anyone, i just cant deal with it any more. I get hit and beaten up, he will make me dress like a skank and i cant do anything about it. I have tried telling my friends, but they dont get it, they are just going on with their perfect little lives while im drowning in my own thoughts. 

I recently went to the doctors and they said i have depression and anxiety, this really hurt because... i mean... im only 13. I just cant seem to be happy any more, and my friends are all kind of ditching me because i am no fun. I ended up in hospital last week because i fainted 7 times in 2 days because my body cant cope with my stress, i am scared my dad is going to take me away, and that is really hard for me to deal with, because he has so much money and he can do what ever he wants with me. 

I just want to be normal like my friends and its so hard. but i have now stopped seeing my dad for a little while, maybe this will help out with the stress.

If any one has any advice or something that can help me get through this, it would be a life changer. xx

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