Just being able to understand

I wouldn't really call what I've dealt with a story, I'm not sure what I'd call it but I don't think its complete enough to be considered a story.

It was never physical bullying with me, and I know if it was I would have stood up for myself more, because it was more direct. But how are you supposed to stand up for yourself when it isn't clear whos doing the stuff to you? People would write on my locker a few times a day "go to hell __my name__" I would erase it, and move on. It would reappear after a few periods, I'd erase it, and shrug it off. They would start writing it in pen & I'd have to find janitors or someone to get it off, it was so embarrassing. I went to the principle, they promised they'd monitor it and find out who was doing it, they didn't. I went again, they said the same thing, no one did anything. Not really a big deal, just a hassle. 

One day in the bathroom there was "go to hell __my name__" written about 5 times on the wall, and something saying "__my name___ doesn't want ot admit that she has cancer, because she doesn't want to say she wears a wig" I'm not sure who wrote that, I'm not sure why, it might not seem like a big deal, but at the time we had a girl in our grade who was a very close friend of mine dying from cancer. The girl passed 5 months later.

My friends a tomboy, so we're automatically both lesbians. People stopped being my friend when this rumor started circulating. It hurt yeah, that people didnt want to be my friend anymore because of a rumor, one that wasn't even true. I felt like I needed to make sure everyone knew that I wasnt a lesbian but I think thats so stupid now, so what if people think I'm a lesbian, that doesn't really matter, its not a big deal and anyone who wouldn't want to be my friend if I really was isn't someone I want to associate with.

Just the basic excluding stuff, being excluded from plans, lunch tables, projects, parties, whatever it is. People want you to know that you aren't invited, that you aren't wanted there, and its unnecessary. 

I was bullied a little, yeah, nothing extreme, nothing horrible, but I can in a way relate to the kids that are actually being bullied. For someone to be completely hated and ignored because they're gay is absolutely ridiculous, how can you hate someone for something they cant control. For someone to be beaten up because they're a little different, it isn't fair. We do need to come together and make a difference in the lives of those who feel that they are completely alone. 

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