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Bullies Bullies Bullies that’s all there is in a school. Why do they become bullies? Did something happen to them in there homes? Are they being abused? Does their brother/sister hit them? We all ask these questions, but we never get answers. The movie “Bully” inspired me to write this because I got bullied in 6th 7th and the beginning of 8th grade.

      In 6th grade, 5 kids in the school gym jumped me during 8th hour. I was scared one of the girls was pulling my hair, while the 3 girls other were pushing me and you would never know but there was a boy too, he grab my arms, so I couldn’t defend my self. The thing that I don’t get is where was the sub when all this happen, oh yeah he was just on his phone talking to someone. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if the sub stopped them, but I guess really nothing? I ran to the front office and when to talk to guidance and she told me that she didn’t believe that happen, she when and got my assistant principle because she wanted him to hear what had happen. He was in shocked but he told me that he was going to talk to the students, he told me if I had a sister or someone that I could stay in the bus loop so I nothing else would happen, I told him yes my cousin. When I got home, the first thing I remember was me going running to my older brother room and I started crying, he stopped what he was doing an asked me. “What happen at school today?” I told him “please don't tell mom” she was in the living room talking to someone. He said, “ tell me exactly what happen” and I told him. My mom walked in the room. She was in the floor crying and I couldn't stop crying. And I told her and she said “ oh my baby, don't cry everything is going to be fine go take a cold bath.” When I came out side I see my brother on the phone. My mom told me “your brother is calling 911” I was in shocked because I didn't want to get them in really big trouble. 30 minutes exacted a policemen knotted on the door. He told me to tell him everything that happens. Which I did. After that he said that it was good that you didn't hit them back because it would show that I maybe was the one that stared this whole thing. I was really scared to go school the next day, I thought that everyone was going to stared laughing, He wrote the report and say if I wanted to talk to the students to asked then why they did that but I didn't want to see them, so I just said a straight “no, thank you” Supposedly they had to get expelled but they didn't. Nothing happen to them, my principle said that it was better talking to them, I though to my self what’s the point, it already happen. My school says that they don't approve of bullying but it happens everyday, in a classroom, where’s there teachers? They don't see anything when you want them to see, but the students they see everything they don’t say anything because people started calling “snitches.” Or because they think that people will stop talking to them. All they care about is POPULARITY and fame in school.  I don't care about being popular in school, because for me that’s just a word, it was no meaning to me. And it will never have a meaning. It’s just a word that gets child kill because they’re not popular.

     My 7th grade year, I don’t remember what really happen I just remember always being sad and not wanting to go to school, because I though that people could started laughing at me and that I was a slut or a whore. And it’s funny how I though my “friends” would stand up for me and have my back but none of them did. They laugh they said things about me that weren’t true. All I can remember is my mom asking me if wanted to go to another school, to try to forget everything that happened, but my answer was no Mom, I have friends there I have my cousin in high school, but she was a senior already.  I didn’t want to leave Nova. I just remember I was in very big pain. I wanted to leave this world I always asked my self “ Why I’m I ALIVE, why I’m a living, why I’m I still in this planet?” I know kids that get bullied always asked them self those same question.

    In 8th grade. There were things that were going around school. “ SHE GAVE THE WHOLE SWIMM TEAM A BLOW-JOB” “SHE’S A SLUT” “SHE GAVE A HIGH SCHOOLER A BLOW-JOB” “SHE HAD SEX” “ THEY CAUGHT HER ON VIDEO GIVING ANOTHER GUY A BLOW-JOB.” I though that school was supposed to be for education not for lying, but seen 6th grade I don't care what people say. When the first rumors started I ignore them, but they started to get worst. And it got to the point, I wanted to kill my self, but I didn’t. I told my mom that a kid was saying things about me. She said tell your principle. So I when with my best-friend Blake. He supported me in anything I did, so he when with me. I told my principle everything and you know what he said, “ I need prove, of what there saying.” and I said “ill tried, but this is Nova people lie.” Everything when cold I ignored everything and now if people say something about me. I just ignore it. and if they keep going. Just ignore them. I didn’t told my mom the part of me wanting to kill my self, till I saw the movie “bully” and she said “ is not worth I, I would be alone, and you’re my only daughter.” We started crying; she said “ I’m always here for you, please tell me everything that goes thru my mind.”

     I learn about the movie in 5th period, my teacher said, “ We are going to watch a movie about “bullying” and I though to my self, we should watch the movie because in my 5th period there a lot of bullies, they just don’t realize that they are. When the movie stared everyone was in shocked that bullying is that bad, and that it hurts people that bad. But when the people stared talking the my classmates started laughing because they think is funny how the people talk, my friend and I were in shocked that Tyler killed himself because he got mentally bully, at age 11 all I know is that god is with him. But what about all the kids that get bullied, for no reason. Just because they’re different doesn’t mean there not human. We weren’t able to watch the whole movie. And the next class I asked him, “ why aren’t watching the movie anymore, and I asked him “why” but he never answers. So know I’m asking my self. Why aren’t we allowed to watch a movie that shows what bullying really does, real things that happen to kids, why? Is it that is harsh? Don’t they think that is exactly happening at nova!? I know it is.  I might not being physically bullied but I was in the stage of killing my self.

       It just takes one person to stand up, and stop bullying. Just one not a hundred just one kid can stop a kid form being bully just one kid can save a life. Don’t you think?? I do and I want to be that kid that stops bullying at nova and I think the movie “Bully” should be shown to the whole school. Just take an hour two however much is need to watch the whole movie. Bullying should just stop.                                                                                                        


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