Jemma's new life. Or how bullying changed life forever

My daughters life is full of stories. Here is one.

She is 15 and living with the results of bullying. She came to a point in her life where she just could not take anymore. She tried to fit in with so many different groups. 

Just wanting to be accepted to be a part of the crowd. In the process she lost herself. She became the target of others who apparently can only feel better by belittling or abusing others. 

These people gained followers. Probably because they were relieved that they were not In the bulleys sights. 

Long story short. She tried to kill herself an ended up in the icu .She was given 24 hours to find a donor. 

Literally in the last couple of hours a liver was flown in. A young man had lost his life. Our daughter was just given fifty fifty odds of survival. They were zero before.

Due to the unparalleled dedication of the entire team at Minneapolis Children's hospital. Who without thought to themselves battle  for over fourteen hours to keep our daughter alive. Just to give her a chance that a liver may arrive.

She is in recovery at this time. There is so much more to this story. Please talk to your children. Bullying is reaching out to so many and it is winning.

Bill just a father. Just Jemma's dad.

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