Kyle Evans

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    What was...

    I was a smaller kid in school. I am now 26. Growing up I never got bullied to extremes but I was the small quite kid in the corner just taking up space. I was blessed to have some friends because I was blessed with some athletic ability. I am so thankful for what God has done for me because I know others struggle for places to fit in. Therefore I can't complain about my situation too much. However my younger brother was not like me. He didn't have many friends and was picked on a lot. What hurts me the most is he was picked on at home far too often by me. My heart breaks and tears fill my eyes when I hear of kids being treated with anything other than compassion and love. It makes it so difficult for those kids to see that there is love, understanding, and compassion out there in the world. Although they can't see it at the time, there are people who love you and I believe a God who loves you more than you could ever know. I'm talking about a personal God who is watching over you and wants to know you, even at this very moment. I've learned that love is the answer for the world. And it starts with everyone of us. God Bless. Stay strong brothers and sisters.