Its terrible, yet a beautiful way that makes me, me.

This started when i was only 4 years old. I had accidentally cut off my thumb on my left hand, They called me many names, and since that time it's never stopped. I watched as my older sister joined my bullies side, and as many of my "friends" joined as well. I was in middle school when the first time I had attempted to take my own life, I failed, people still continued to laugh at me, beat me up. 8th grade, i took a stand. It led me to be pushed in front of a moving bus, had the bus not swerved to miss me i would be dead. Teachers/ principles said they we're just being kids. The police and my lawyer got the 5 girls arrested for attempted murder. It was my beginning to understand that i had to use my resources to end this.

High School started and my new hell was more than i could handle. My new friends were my only saviors at this point, lawyers, police, all useless.  People put nails in my shoes, pushed me into the pool with all my valuables on me. My breaking point at this time was when a new mob was joined to my list of bullies, the school christian group. I again attempted to take my life, still failure. Failure at death failure at life, i dropped out of school to just escape it all.

Through out the hardships though that i encountered, a drug overdose and anorexia made me see that, all i can be is me. No escape could make it better, they just win, so i just gave up the fight and stopped caring. I saw how it was to be care free and its wonderful! i stopped feeding into it, and it stopped.

Now i'm happy, married, have a GED and going for a degree! It gets better and I can say Bullying made me into who i am today, i'm better and stronger.

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