It will not end until we stop it...

Nor does it stop when you leave out the school doors.

I'm a 25 year-old Canadian and just like the cases noted in the documentary and just like so many unheard and ignored cases around the world, I'm just another statistic that went on without response from the general society.

All through school, elementary to high school I was relentlessly picked on. The reasoning to this day has never really come clear, however like every other bully target, I have theories. The likelyhood is simply that I was a student simply not complying with the general trends of what everyone else was doing, nor was I conforming to the ideals of being "cool". When you mix that with being a very skinny kid, it might as well paint a bully target on my back.

Most of my abuse from bullies was psychological, but there was plenty of physical abuse as well. I can distinctly remember being punched out in the 5th grade simply for trying to stand up to a bully. But most of the abuse stemmed from relentless insults, constantly preventing me from being part of anything and following me to continue the abuse no matter how far or how fast I tried to run away.

But what many people refuse to admit is that it happens not only outside of school, but grown adults participate in such actions. Parents, teachers, coaches, bosses and co-workers are all guilty of being just as much of a bully, if not even more as they're in a position of higher power. One of the worst memories is when I was 14 playing on a baseball team. The coach was the father of one of the kids who relentlessly bullied me at school and during practice/games. There was even a time where I was benched for the rest of a game because I kept yelling at his son to leave me alone.

Stopping the actions of bullies isn't just limited to schools and kids. As a society we have to not only stand up to kids who bully, but adults who bully too. We cannot just stand by and allow anyone to look down upon someone and treat them like dirt under their feet.

We are all equal in this world, whether rich or poor, white or black, young or old. Let's start acting like it.

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