It will get better you just have to be here to see it.

I grew up in the UK in north east England in a small town. I was always that weird kid you know the one that didn't really have much social communication with other people. I got made fun of mostly because I wasn't like other girls, I didn't wear make-up or dresses or things that sparkled, I much rather play football than playing with dolls or barbies. I was bullied since I can remember but it probably got worse when I came out as a lesbian at 13 years old. 

I had no one to turn to not even my own mother at the time, people would hit me, write all over my books, spit at me in the halls, shout dyke or lesbian or you should of been a boy. The teachers did nothing at the time and they even moved me to do physical education with the boys because the girls called me a pervert and told me to get lost. It eventually ended up getting so bad that I stopped going to school for a couple of months because I just couldn't take it any more and all I heard and all my parents heard were kids can be cruel. After all of this I began cutting as a release for my pain and eventually tried to kill myself.

I am very glad to still be here, after school things got a lot better and a met friends in college that I realised would be my friends for life. I want to say that people don't realise that School is just one chapter of this amazing book and once you get past that, it's when your real life begins and together you can do it, we all can do it. 

I will stand up for anyone and I will go to my grave until a change is made, it does get better. 

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